TechTalks on Leveraging Interconnected Technologies In Manufacturing Join our first TechTalks in 2020 to learn more about interconnected technologies and the way they transform and reshape modern manufacturing

About this Event

We are opening the new TechTalks season with a panel discussion on an increasing role of interconnected technologies and the way they make manufacturing become faster, better and stronger.

Our speakers from manufacturing, an IT-startup and medtech will share their experience in implementing technologies in their specific areas of business - what did they start with, which initiatives worked best and how do they benefit from the digital transformation.

Usually, the term “interconnected technologies” refers to the intelligent networking of machines and machine-operated processes, that link machines and product for generating more effective productivity - with the decreasing level and necessity of human involvement. These networks quickly get, analyze, transmit data and even autonomously make decisions. Those processes became so extensive and crucial, that some even mark it as a new era of industrialization and call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution or simply “Industry 4.0”.

But how does it change the face of manufacturing and industrial world and are these processes applicable to your business? Is it more about great opportunities or great challenges, and what are the main pitfalls on the way to automation and digitization?

Joining RMCSoft in the discussion are:

Nicolas Bocquet is a Marketing Manager of North America at Desoutter Tools, a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools for a wide range of manufacturing operations. Nicolas holds a Master degree in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. Being in the industry for more than 18 years, he has gained a great experience in business and marketing development. Nicolas has also initiated several projects in Desoutter with the “Connect and feature management” and the “Desoutter 4.0 strategy” among them.

Dan Thyer was co-founder of Logical Advantage which recently became part of the Pratt Miller Engineering family! Dan is now Director of IoT for Pratt Miller Engineering. Awarded by Microsoft as a Regional Director that consists of 150 of the world’s top technology visionaries from over 50 countries chosen specifically for cross-platform expertise, community leadership, and commitment to business results. Dan is president and founder of the Charlotte Internet of Things (IoT) of nearly 2000 members. Dan was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP for his engagement in the community around IoT/cloud and Microsoft Channel 9 has featured Dan’s IoT projects 8 times! Dan is an accomplished open source contributor and his articles and videos have over a million views.

Desmond Wiggan Jr. is the CEO/Co-Founder at BatteryXchange, a rental platform that provides portable batteries to cell phone users. Desmond has almost a decade of professional experience with expertise in business development, technology, manufacturing, and international organizational management.

Olga Muller is the head of the Charlotte’ office of RMCSoft, a custom software development company specializing in Healthcare. Olga received her Master’s degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from St. Petersburg State University in Russia, but as she moved to the US in early 2000s, her career has taken various turns. She started in development and support, and then was able to apply herself in such roles as as a newspaper publisher, college professor, and a local Russian speaking community nonprofit leader. She is excited about solving problems, educating people and building new things.

 Free lunch in an engaging atmosphere of Advent Coworking is included!

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