Advent Members Talk: What Ice Cream Teaches Us About Branding Join us every Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:00 PM on Zoom to learn from our amazing Advent members. Each week will feature a different member and topic of their choosing.

Most small business owners stop thinking about branding once they have their logo, but this forces you to work harder to get clients. When you understand and leverage the power of branding, you’ll speed up your sales cycle.

In this engaging and relatable talk, you’ll learn:

·      What ice cream teaches us about branding

·      How brand attraction saves you time and energy

·      The invisible ingredient in branding you won’t want to neglect

Lisa Speer is founder of Speerhead Solutions, a strategic branding business, and host of the Branding BFF™ podcast. She’s passionate about taking the mystery out of branding and helps service businesses use branding effectively to attract their ideal clients and shorten their sales cycle.

Lisa built her career at agencies in NYC working on global brands such as Volvo, Samsung and Hilton Worldwide. Later she expanded her skill set when she trained and became an International Coach Federation credentialed coach. Today she brings all her skills together to guide her clients to authentic solutions for their brand and business.