By: Kevin Giriunas, Founder of Advent Coworking

We’re in 2021. Life continues to be dynamic, and Advent is too. We’re expanding!

I’m excited for where Advent is going this year. However, given the current state of the world, I’m questioning what really matters. I am struggling to articulate why our expansion should matter, why everyone should be excited. Our expansion, like all our previous expansions, is just more walls and doors. A lot more of them. 

What does matter is your intention for those walls and doors. What can you build, grow, produce, and evolve within those walls? Who will you interact, collaborate, or become friends with? What events, seminars, discussions, book clubs, or mastermind groups would you want to be a part of? Will you say hi to a passing stranger in the hallway? From day one (over 5 years ago), Advent strives to provide an opportunity for members to be empowered to do their thing. Some businesses create opportunities for their customers through their physical widgets, knowledge, or workshops. We chose to use walls and doors.

We believe in our intention (aka mission), the value we provide, and fostering a genuine community. We’re not a normal coworking space. But you ultimately decide if our walls and doors meet your intention better than the ones in your house or satellite office space. 

Office spaces during these COVID times have taught us a lot about building intentional relationships. We continue to be curious and innovate our relationships with our members, especially over the last year. A study by Albert Mehrabian found 55% of our communication is conveyed by body language, 38% is tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words we speak when sharing feelings or attitudes.

I wonder how masks / Zoom calls have impacted this, and how humanity’s communication will continue to evolve? Wearing a mask certainly has evolved communication for me. I actually think about ‘smiling with my eyes’ when talking to people, I struggle with sarcasm, it feels significantly more difficult to be empathic, and I’m curious what some of our members actually look like. I suppose you don’t know what you got till everyone’s mouth is gone.

Regardless of how long masks will be around, how virtual meetings will evolve, or how face-to-face relationships may change, I feel the only thing that matters is our intention for that relationship. I’ve made efforts to be intentional about relationships which truly matter, regardless of life’s evolutions. Masks, Zoom, distance, weather, technology, COVID, kids, all may impact some logistics of the relationship, but we work together to make it meaningful, regardless of what the world throws at us. 

Advent has that same intention for our relationships for our members. We ensure our walls and doors are meaningful for our members no matter what happens in the world. We pour our lives into those walls and doors, because it means everything to us to create an environment where our members are productive, grow, and collaborate.

What are you being intentional about this year? Can Advent help you with your intentions? Come by and see the evolution...with your mask please.

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