Massage at Advent: Reiki-Inspired Bodywork This complimentary member benefit affords you the luxury of deep relaxation within your workday. The unique combination of ancient techniques used is both highly effective as well as efficient at creating a relaxation response in the body and mind. The sense of renewal it produces allows one to experience more peace, creativity, & even productivity. It may also provide one with much-needed stress relief. Take advantage of this benefit offered by choosing an available time slot.

About your practitioner: Danyel Brisk is a highly skilled, intuitive, and compassionate healer, which brings her signature Sacred Touch sessions to a new level. She is well trained in multiple disciplines and healing modalities, including Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Reflexology, which she combines for a uniquely effective experience. Her joy of giving and sharing these gifts is evident and radiates from her healing hands. She is also multi-faceted and engages in other ventures including holistic health coaching, business coaching, and digital marketing solutions.