F*ck Up Level Up

F*ck Up Level Up is here!

Ever think to yourself, "Wow, I want to do what they're doing," or "I bet working for myself would be easier than working for a company... I'd be happier," or "If I had (fill in the blank) I'd go out on my own"?

As with all things in life, entrepreneurship has pros and cons to it. Join us on Wednesday, April 28th as our featured speakers talk about the good, the bad, and the f*cking ugly moments of entrepreneurship.

The event is FREE to attend, RSVP for the link.

Come laugh, cry, be inspired, and hear our panelists discuss their entrepreneurial f*ck ups, lessons learned, and how they are crushing it today.


Ohavia Phillips

Hailing from Charlotte, NC, by way of Brooklyn, NY, Ohavia ("Oh") Phillips, is one of a kind! Her charisma, infectious personality, & warmth make her a favorite in any circle. Ohavia is a successful media personality and emcee around the city of Charlotte and a thriving talk show host of her OWN show, The Oh Show. Ohavia has been named Influencer of Charlotte, Media Maven of Charlotte and has been highlighted on many multimedia platforms from social media, to television and print! When her hand is not on the microphone, it’s on her books! Ohavia is currently pursuing her doctorate in business administration with a focus in organizational management! She says the degree is for the bigger picture of being able to teach the next generation how to leverage their gift in media. Ohavia says she loves Charlotte and connecting with OHMAZING and impactful individuals to impact communities. Her slogan is: I’m ready to serve. And she does just that!


Latesha Byrd

Latesha Byrd is the CEO & Founder of Byrd Career Consulting, a talent development consulting agency serving organizations and top talent at the intersection of career empowerment, diversity, equity & inclusion and leadership development. Byrd Career Consulting helps companies drive employee engagement, retention, team performance and creativity through coaching, curriculum and consulting to build equitable and safe spaces for diverse top talent through tangible and effective culture engagement, recruitment and advancement frameworks and strategies. As a Certified Life and Career Coach, she loves helping working professionals break through to their career potential. Recently she received the 2019 Young Alumna Award for the Belk College of Business at her alma mater, UNC Charlotte.

Kobe Campbell

Kobe Campbell is an award-winning licensed trauma therapist, speaker and Christian counselor. With a kind, compassionate, and energetic spirit she helps people find the truest versions of themselves under the pain that they’ve endured through therapy, speaking and spiritual formation. Kobe is the owner of The Healing Circle Therapy and Wellness Center in Charlotte North Carolina and hosts The Healing Circle Podcast with her husband Kyle. Kobe is passionate about helping people heal from the trauma as they discover how God is a part of the healing process. Kobe is also a mother, wife and creative. She looks forward to sharing her expertise with anyone who is willing to learn and grow.

Kevin Giriunas

Kevin Giriunas is a creative, problem solver with experience as a Project Manager and Scrum Master. After receiving a masters degree in Structural Engineering he became an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) and entered the world of IT consulting. Now Kevin is the Founder and Owner of Advent Coworking a creative coworking space focused on creating an environment where members are productive, grow, and collaborate.