Advent Members Talk: Why do we keep getting stuck? Whether or not we're ready to admit it, we all get stuck at some point. Maybe you're an entrepreneur who has a hard time holding yourself accountable. Maybe you have a good job but it doesn't fulfill you anymore. Or maybe you're trying to get into running but can never keep the habit more than a week. Brittany will share her journey of getting unstuck, help you identify common patterns that may be causing you to get stuck, and provide recommended tools to get unstuck and create momentum.

Brittany is the founder of Hello Velocity, a coaching and consulting business that empowers ambitious professionals and small business owners get unstuck. She's been a member of Advent for over 3 years and recently transitioned from the flex space to a micro-office. You'll often find her at slow flow and chakti yoga classes at The Space or brewery hopping around town.

Join us every Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:00 PM to learn from our amazing Advent members. Each week will feature a different member and topic of their choosing.