Ever walked into a room and immediately felt uncomfortable, unqualified, or simply out of place? 

I used to easily be intimidated by those of an “elite” status. Usually those with a title of Director, or President etc. I would stumble over my words, avoiding eye contact. I was afraid they would be talking about something I couldn’t relate to, or maybe bring up a topic I wasn’t well versed in. My confidence soared once I realized I didn’t have to “fake it til I make it”. 

Instead of being embarrassed about not knowing something, I’d respond with, “Can you tell me more about that”? Or Where can I research the most recent data about that”? This creates a natural dialogue where I’m able to be my authentic self! Sometimes faking it can cause more harm than good. This is me speaking from primary experiences. 

Confidence starts in the mind. I am who I answer to! Wherever I am, wherever you are, TAKE UP SPACE!
1. Recognize your right to be where you are!
2. Recognize your experiences, voice and opinions matter!
3. Recognize your journey has purpose and will be different!

This Monday flex those self-confidence muscles! Sit with good posture. Hold your head up. Make eye contact even if it’s virtually! Be YOU. Bring your WHOLE-SELF TO those places and spaces!

The Soaring Woman ❤️🦅

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