Advent Member Talks is our weekly event featuring different members on topics of their choosing! We like to say that if you need something done, someone at Advent can probably do it. Our members work across many industries and each have skills and knowledge to share with the greater Charlotte entrepreneurial community. You can view all of our Advent Member Talks on our YouTube Channel Advent Coworking Videos.

Nailing Down Your Content Publishing Content

In this Advent Member Talk, Mike Barugel of SBTDC & FYT Virtual Assistants walks through developing a cohesive system and process to stay on top of publishing content consistently, which can be replicated in your task management tool of choice. 

Lessons Learned: Recording Your First Audio Book
As a new author, Asia Brown is currently, promoting her first book "Bring Me Back Home, New Orleans", a poetry collection dedicated to her hometown, and plans to release the audio book version in February 2021. In this Advent Member Talk, Asia shares lessons learned during her first audio book recording experience.

How To Use Social Media To Advocate
Didja get that on camera?" Social media is a powerful tool of influence. Imagine if we began to use our handles to handle business INTENTIONALLY. Our bios to break barriers in our communities. Our hashtags to inspire people worldwide to use their platforms with purpose and share their voices of value. Watch Ohavia Phillip's Advent Member Talk to learn how to take action online.

Lessons on Agility from COVID's Wrath
2020 forced many business owners to sit up and take notice about what was working and not working in their business. What the pandemic uncovered were both long-standing issues, as well as disruption that needed to be addressed for survival. Yet, some companies not only survived, but also thrived. What was it that helped them be more agile amidst the chaos and uncertainty? In this Advent Member Talk Sherre’ DeMao shares insights to how strategy was key to these companies agility to be in a position of strength versus weakness. 

Email [email protected] to sign-up for your Advent Member Talk! 

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