COVID-19,  more commonly known as the Coronavirus, has continued to spread overseas, in the United States, and even here in Mecklenburg County. Advent Coworking continues to monitor the situation, and are working closely with the North Carolina Department of  Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) to stay informed of any  developments of confirmed cases in the state. We will implement recommendations and follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as NC DHHS as they are determined.

We  continue to emphasize to our members, employees, and guests the importance of preventative measures, including washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, covering your mouth when you cough with your sleeve or a tissue, and staying at home if you’re sick or feeling sick.

We  have stepped up our cleaning measures, wiping down handles, cabinets, the printer, and other highly used areas within the space multiple times a day. Our wonderful cleaning crew continues to clean nightly and has taken additional precautions with utilizing sanitizers on the tables and fabric furniture in an effort to kill off any lingering and unwanted germs.

If you have been in the Advent space recently and have traveled outside of the country, or have come in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19, please complete this anonymous survey. The purpose of this is to make sure we have taken all necessary measures for our space and our members.  

Possibility of Closure
At  this time, we consider closure of Advent Coworking for an extended time due to health concerns to be unlikely, but possible. The decision to close due to Coronavirus would largely be made under direct guidance  from NC DHHS.

Although no one in our community has been diagnosed with the virus, Advent has a responsibility to take proactive measures in order to protect the health and well-being of every member of our community.

Precautions for Members:
Effective today, Advent Coworking is requiring members who are sick with  a respiratory illness OR have either traveled out of the country to  China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, or on a cruise to refrain from coming  into the office until after a 14-day self quarantine.

Members of the Advent community remain free to take personal and business travel at their discretion however, for the safety of the Advent community, for those who have plans for any travels to any US Department and State-designated “Level 3” countries consisting of China, South  Korea, Iran, and Italy or travel on a cruise ship, you are required to notify us and practice a 14-day self quarantine at home prior to returning to Advent Coworking.

We will be rolling out a virtual option for onboarding members who have recently signed up for one of our membership options, so they will still have access to the space and  know their way around.

Should government officials deem it necessary for individuals in  Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, or the state of North Carolina to limit social interactions and utilize methods such as telecommuting, there will be reduced, in person, help desk hours. The help desk will still remain open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you will simply utilize the "help desk" link found under your account on the Advent Coworking website  and your question will be answered as soon as possible; non-members can  send all inquiries to [email protected] for assistance.

Precautions for Nonmembers and Advent Guests:
Effective immediately, we will be postponing tours, external bookings,  and in person onboardings until April 15, 2020. This is in an effort to limit outside exposure to our Advent members and the Advent community as a whole.

If you have booked our conference room, creative suite, or event space from now until April 15, you will be contacted in the coming days to verify if you want to keep your reservation or not. If you do not keep your reservation, we will work with you to reschedule your event. If you wish to keep your booking, we will send you lists of steps you must take before, during, and after  your event.

Additional Information
Anyone  experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath should call their personal doctor or healthcare provider. If an individual doesn’t have a primary care physician, WakeMed is offering virtual urgent care visits for $15 with promo code CARENOW through the end of March. If you live in South Carolina, MUSC Health is providing free telehealth screenings to all South Carolinians with promo code COVID19.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your health care provider or call the NC DHHS Line 1-866-462-3821.  Please make sure to contact your provider prior to showing up, so that a screening can be conducted over the phone and the amount of individuals in their offices can be reduced, thus reducing the chances of spreading any virus you may have.

US Department of State on coronavirus and travel advisories

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services regarding North Carolina’s response to COVID-19

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