Whether you're new to the recording world or an experienced producer, we invite you to our Podcast Studio! Similar to our monthly Free Pass Days, we want to open up our space for the community to explore and utilize. Sign up for a free 45 minute session in our Podcast Studio (and tag us when you release your recording so we can share)!

Things to know prior to your recording:
  • Our studio includes: 4 Heil PR40 mics, 4 headphones, ZOOM recorder, 14 channel mixer with Onyx Preamplifiers, 1 photography light, everything to record Phone/Skype conversations, and additional audio wires.
  • The Advent staff cannot provide support with the recording equipment. If you have never recorded before, watch the tutorial videos on out YouTube channel in advance. Free trainings are available to Advent Members courtesy of the Queen City Podcast Network.
  • You will need an SD card to record. If you want to purchase an SD card from us, please let us know by the Monday before Free Podcast Day so we have enough on hand.
  • Accessibility Note: Our studio is located on the 2nd floor with stair only access. Outside of this event, Advent Members have access to the Queen City Podcast Network Studio located on the 1st floor.