TechTalks on Customer Data Regulations With upcoming requirements for the California Act compliance, many businesses are starting to inquire how they may be impacted. Join us for an educational lunch-and-learn to hear how to build a strategy to manage the pace and complexity of data privacy and ownership regulations in various industries. Our experts will talk about how to keep up with changes and deadlines in the data compliance area and avoid risks associated with them.

11:30 am - 12 pm | Check-in & Networking
12 pm - 12:40 pm | Main discussion
12:40 pm - 1pm | Q&A

About the speakers:
Bilal Soylu is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startups in different industries, including distribution, healthcare, consulting, and technology. He has a deep experience in automating the purchase to pay (P2P) cycle within business processes. His specialties include Large Enterprise Systems, ERP, Purchasing, negotiations, IT, systems architecture, startups, team building, and process improvement. Bilal has architected Verian's (now basware) suite of easy to use, flexible, and reliable cloud-based spend management solutions.

Bryan Dennstedt, Chief Technology Officer Partner at TechCXO C-Suite, has more than 20 years of exemplary achievement in the field of Information Technology, working with premier companies such as iPic Entertainment, MDLive, IBM, and Xerox. Bryan has focused his efforts with TechCXO as a hands-on Interim CTO and Fractional CIO with numerous clients. His experience as a Part-Time CTO and CIO includes managing all information technology operations, from fractional CTO product development to Interim CIO large-scale technology migrations.

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