Initially we were searching for traditional office space but slowly began looking into cheaper options that Coworking companies use to lure prospective members. To us traditional office spaces were more closed off into silos and more complex in fostering networking opportunities. Moreover, we found out that traditional office spaces can be a bit higher in price-point per square footage as well.

Whereas coworking spaces, unlike traditional office spaces, offer something for every stage of growth in small business. For example, we started with a basic membership package that included using their address, virtual mail box, and 24 hour building access to work in a shared open space.

Coworking allows for budding entrepreneurs like us to work in a library-like environment with other working entrepreneurs trying to find ways to scale their business. The open and shared space concept organically cultivates networking opportunities with others. This unique combination is almost a Coworking standard and why many people choose this route. Not to mention all of it can run about 30% to 60% cheaper than a traditional office lease.

Coworking is a great fit for either young, or more established companies diversifying its membership core. Like many shoppers, we enjoyed the range of options offered to a company on a slim budget. It was during this time that we discovered one Coworking experience has clearly set themselves apart from Coworking competitors. I admit we're a little bias but for good reason.

Advent Coworking was our choice and we aren't leaving anytime soon. Why? You ask. Well for starters, Advent's location is golden for movers and shakers. Located by the NODA district just minutes outside the city, 10 minutes from major highways provides easy access to the city and suburbs in all directions.  

Second, Advent unlike all their competitors, go above and beyond the typical low-cost membership, upscale office decor, and once-a-month mixer that a Coworking culture commonly offers their members. Advent extends beyond the four walls of their building with b2b relationships deeply grounded in a sense of community that you can feel from the time you walk in the door.

Stop by Paper Plane Deli & Market who provides Advent members with free coffee and other treats. If it isn't the free perks that catch your attention it will be the weekly community bike rides with members to other local small businesses to support during lunch. Perhaps their library, classrooms, private meeting booths for those interviews and virtual meetings will catch your eye. And yes, Advent's fresh modern decor is met with plenty of mingling opportunities.

Advent is hard to beat when considering any office space. For example, Advent's price point for both memberships, and private office space immediately grabbed our attention at first. However, the welcoming staff, amenities nearby, and the overall vibe, is what pulled us in completely. It was for instance, the Thursday night happy hour, axe throwing down the hall for leisure, or even weekly trainings and workshops to keep you focused.

For us, Advent Coworking is second to none in Charlotte's Coworking market. However, Coworking in general is blazing a path forward for small business owners looking to transition from the typical rat race, or cure their home office fever. I would not be surprised if we continue to see an increase in community-based Coworking offices like Advent as a permanent staple in every urban space across the country.

Cities nationwide should look no further if serious about making their metropolitan areas more eco-friendly, inclusive, and accessible to both neighborhood natives and newcomers alike.


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