Términos y condiciones generales

  1. Acceptance of Terms The service of Advent Coworking LLC provides to you, the undersigned, are subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms, conditions and use (TOU) may be modified at any time without notification.

  2. Services Advent Coworking will provide access to an office space, desk, internet access, meeting rooms, event space, and other offerings of Advent, hereinafter referred to as “services” as part of membership. Services are subject to availability and to the TOUs.

  3. Quiet Enjoyment All members and guests have the right to quiet enjoyment and any behavior that breaches this will not be condoned. You will not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others. This is an open office shared by many different peoples and organizations. Anything said should be expected to be heard by others.

  4. Access to physical spaces and network assets Access is granted to active members for office space and internet. Additionally active members will have access to meeting rooms, events spaces, podcast studio and other pay-for spaces and services. You will not grant access, lend keys, share passwords/logins or give codes to anyone. You will not allow non-members to enter or use the space unless accompanied by member; You are financially and legally responsible for your guests’ actions at all times. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to physical area or network assets.

  5. No Unlawful or Prohibited Activities You will not use Advent services in any unlawful or prohibited ways. You may not conduct yourself in a manner that would damage, disable, impair, overburden or cause harm to Advent’s ability to deliver services. The following are prohibited activities that may not happen inside the space, in conjunction with our services or on the property. To include, but not limited to: Smoking, drug use, being in an intoxicated state. Keep, store, or bring in any flammable or hazardous materials. Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information on or through servers or in our space.

  6. Warranties Advent Coworking provides services “as is” and with all faults. Advent will make a good faith effort to deliver the services outlined in this document. We however do not guarantee levels of access, internet connections or speeds, services or products of our partners or other third parties who operate in conjunction with Advent Coworking.

  7. Force Majeure Any delay or failure in the performance by Advent Coworking hereunder shall be excused if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of Force Majeure. For purposes of this agreement “Force Majeure” shall be defined as any circumstance not within the reasonable control of Advent despite the exercise of reasonable diligence; circumstances to include but not limited to: fire, flood, acts of God, hurricanes, riots, vandalism or theft.

  8. Termination of Membership Advent Coworking reserves the right to terminate a member’s active membership at any time. In the event of a member termination initiated by Advent, a prorated refund will be given based on number of day of the month used at time of termination divided by the member’s billing that month. No refunds will be given to members who are terminated for non-payment. Members may terminate their membership by giving a 30 day notice, and notice must be given in writing to [email protected] Billing for monthly membership begins on the 1st of each month, and members are required to pay for the entire month regardless if the end of their 30 day notice falls within a given month.

  9. Exclusion of liability, damages and incidentals To the maximum extent permitted by law, in no event shall Advent Coworking, it’s owners, subsidiaries, members, agents, or employees be liable for any damages, theft of property, incidentals, personal injury, death, loss of profits, loss of confidentiality, loss of business, business interruptions, or other damages in conjunction with the engagement of Advent Coworking. Members hereby release and forever discharge Advent Coworking, its owners, subsidiaries, members, agents, or employees from all claims of damages, demands, and any actions whatsoever, in any manner arising out of participation or associated activities.

  10. Photo, Video and Audio Members hereby grant permission to use their likeness in a photograph, written works, video and audio or other digital reproduction in any and all of its publications, including website entries. Members further give permission for use in any and all of its publications, including website entries, products, web properties, videos, and other marketing materials. Members understand and agree that these materials will become the property of and will not be returned. Members hereby irrevocably authorize Advent Coworking and associated parties to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, sell, license or distribute photos, videos, written works, audio including uses in commercial and revenue generation or for any other lawful purpose. Additionally, Members waive any right to royalties or other compensation.

_I certify that I am of legal age to enter into this agreement. I hereby represent and warrant that I have all requisite legal powers and authority to enter into and abide by the TOU with no further approval or authorization on behalf of myself or the company, entity, or party I represent. _

For Office Tenants

_This Rental Agreement, is made and entered into as of the above date, by and between Advent Coworking (“Advent”), and Tenant. In consideration of the rents agreed to be paid and of the covenants and agreements made by Advent and Tenant, specifically including the Advent Coworking Membership Agreement which may be amended from time to time, Advent hereby leases the above office suite to Tenant subject to the continuation of Tenant’s Membership with Advent Coworking and the following terms and conditions. _

  1. Monthly Rent Tenant shall pay to Advent the above Monthly Rent for the Suite on the first day of each and every calendar month during the term of this Lease and such rental shall be payable by ACH electronic transfer which forms shall be completed and authorized prior to Tenant taking possession. Any partial month shall be prorated on a per diem basis. No partial payments accepted. Any rental payment completed after the fifth of the month will result in a 5% late fee.

  2. Deposit Upon execution of this Agreement, Tenant shall pay to Advent a deposit equal to the Monthly Rental as security for Tenant’s prompt and full payment of Rent and all other amounts due and owing under this Lease, and the performance of all provisions of the Agreement. The deposit shall be held by Advent as security for Tenant’s performance hereunder. Tenant agrees that no interest is due to the parties hereto. Advent shall have the right to apply said Security Deposit to turnover costs after normal wear and tear up to $75 in addition to the curing of any default or damages. Provided Tenant is not in default of the Lease, has paid all of the rent herein called for, returned possession of the Suite to Advent in a broom clean condition and fully performed all of the other provisions of the Lease to be performed by Tenant, Advent will return to Tenant any then remaining balance of the Deposit within thirty days after Advent takes possession of the Suite.

  3. Advent Rules and Requirements Tenant shall abide by all rules and requirements of Advent as set forth in the Membership Agreement, which may be amended from time to time in Advents sole discretion. Any breach of the Advent Membership Agreement shall be considered a material breach of this Rental Agreement.

  4. Tenant’s Use Tenant shall use the Suite as an office for its lawful business and networking purposes only. Tenant understands that the Suite is not suitable for industrial purposes. If Tenant intends to use the space for any other purposes, then Tenant shall obtain the prior written approval of Advent.

  5. Renewal Tenant shall notify Advent in writing of its intent to renew the Rental Agreement at least 45 days prior to the end of the Term. So long as Tenant is not currently in default and has not been in default more than one time during the term of the Rental Agreement, then Tenant shall be given the first right of refusal to renew this Rental Agreement at a rental rate to be determined by Advent, in its sole discretion. If Tenant does not notify Advent in writing of its intent to renew the Rental Agreement or vacate the Suite at least 45 days prior to the end of the Term, Tenant will automatically be renewed at a month-to-month rate with an 8% increase from the rate of the Term, which shall be stated in the 60-day notification provided by Advent.

  6. Termination
    This Agreement shall terminate upon the expiration of this Term. The Agreement may be terminated earlier under the following circumstances:

  • a. By either party in the event that any fire, causality, eminent domain or other force majeure shall prohibit Advent from operating its facilities,
  • b. By Advent if Tenant fails to pay Rent within five days of its due date or fails to cure any breach of this Agreement or of the Advent Coworking Membership Agreement, within ten calendar days after Advent sends Tenant written notice, or
  • c. By Tenant in the event that Advent fails to cure any material default of this Agreement within thirty days of written notice from Tenant specifically stating the basis of default.
  • d. By Tenant upon 45 days prior written notice to Advent on the conditions that Advent is able to lease the Suite to another tenant within the 45 day notice period and Tenant pays the $200 early termination administrative fee in addition to remaining Rent and any additional charges applicable to Tenant.
  1. Remedies In the event of any default, Advent may terminate this Agreement and retake possession of the Suite by self-help methods, including changing the locks and prohibiting the Tenants access to all Advent facilities. In the event that Tenant’s personal property shall remain in the suite after termination of this Lease, Advent shall provide Tenant with a reasonable opportunity to retrieve its property under supervision of Advent. If Tenant fails to schedule an appointment to retrieve the property, then all personal property, trade fixtures and trade equipment left on the Premises shall be deemed abandoned by Tenant and shall belong to Advent. Tenant and Advent agree that the early termination of this Agreement shall not terminate the obligation of Tenant to pay Rent hereunder, provided that Advent shall reduce the rent obligation by the net income it receives from a subsequent rental of the same Suite reduced by the costs of repairing and leasing the Suite.

  2. Return of Possession At the expiration of the Lease term or any renewal or extension thereof, the Tenant shall surrender the Suite in as good a condition as it was at the beginning of the term, reasonable use, wear and tear, and damages by the elements excepted. The cost or expense of any repairs necessary to restore the condition of the Suite shall be borne by Tenant, and if Advent undertakes to restore the Suite it shall have a right of reimbursement against Tenant.

  3. No waiver or implied consent Failure of Advent to declare a default immediately upon its occurrence, or delay in taking any action in connection with an event of default, shall not constitute a waiver of the default, and Advent shall have the right to declare the default at any time and take such action as is lawful or authorized under this Agreement. A waiver of any specific default shall pertain only to the particular instance of default and shall not serve as a waiver of future default of the same or different nature.

  4. Notice Every notice, approval, consent or other communication authorized or required by this Lease shall be effective if sent via email to the then current Member contact information for the Advent Coworking Membership Agreement.

  5. Attorneys’ Fees If as a result of any breach or default in the performance of any of the provisions of this Lease, Advent uses the services of any attorney in order to secure compliance with such provisions or recover damages therefore, or to terminate this Agreement or evict Tenant, Tenant shall reimburse Advent upon demand for any and all actual and reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses so incurred by Advent.

Aceptar y Continuar