The Case for Socially Responsible Work At this Advent Member Talk we are joined by Travis Jones for a presentation on The Case for Socially Responsible Work.

The evidence is clear and mounting, that work is killing us; physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. And it's not just individuals that bear the burdens of toxic work cultures but families, children, societies and the earth itself suffer as well. The dominant framework for dealing with workplace harms has been to focus on the positive potentials of work (i.e. happiness, well-being, meaning, purpose, etc.) while shifting responsibility to individuals through efforts like mindfulness practices and other wellness initiatives. But since work is a social activity at the core of our society, our response to it's harmful effects must be social in nature. This talk makes the case, through research on employee wellbeing and workplace harm, for Socially Responsible Work as a framework for individuals, leaders, organizations and policy makers to take responsibility for the social effects of work on society and to create workplace practices that ensure well-being for all people at work. Travis hope's participants take from his talk his motto, "better work, for a better world", into their own spheres of influence.

Advent Member Talks is a program designed to share the knowledge and skills of our amazing members! Each Talk features a different Advent member and topic of their choosing.