TechTalks with Carolina Women in Tech Join us on Nov 20th for a free lunch-and-learn to hear from amazing speakers about actionable advice on topics like entrepreneurship and career advancement. Top women from the tech industry will share their inspirational stories, personal expertise and know-how on leading projects and teams.

This event is organized in collaboration with Carolina Women in Tech. CWIT serves over 1,300 women regionally with a mentor-ship program, scholarships, job board, monthly events, and networking.

11:30 am - 12 pm | Check-in & Networking
12 pm - 1 pm | Main discussion
1 pm - 1:30 pm | Q&A

About the speakers:
Neeta Kirpalani is a founder and healthcare strategist at NK, a boutique healthcare consulting company focusing on strategy development and execution. They empower the C-suite of middle market B2B technology companies to grow and scale in healthcare. By aligning strategy with operations, they help clients grow revenue, increase market share and reduce costs.

Caitlin Sellers Castevens, as a growth strategist and inbound consultant, has over a decade of experience leading digital sales and bringing inbound marketing expertise to teams, leaders and entrepreneurs. She is a permanent instructor for Tech Talent South and co-host and co-founder of the podcast Lady Tech Charmers, and a founding board member of Carolina Women in Tech. 

Chemere Davis is a passionate data science leader with strong technical skills involving the analysis of large data-sets, vital to understanding complex relationships and risks or opportunities to business. She diligently seeks to find answers to data that make an impact and integrate them into data-driven products.

Megan Kountz is the President of NW Corporate Yoga, a go-to health and wellness company for on-site and results-driven yoga and professional wellness workshops to offices throughout the Greater Charlotte (NC) and Seattle (WA) region. Megan inspires and encourages mindful awareness, personal empowerment, and happiness through yoga and courageous conversations.

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About TechTalks
TechTalks series is a chance for you to improve your knowledge regarding new technology and technology-related issues. Brought by RMCSoft and Advent Coworking, TechTalks target tech startups as well as all other companies utilizing software & digital products in their day-to-day operations. We cover a wide variety of tech-related topics, offer valuable insights on the best practices, discuss the most common issues, review the tech trends and provide plenty of opportunities to enhance your tech knowledge.

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