Here's a guide to scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. First, determine what group you're in, and then, what group is currently eligible.

Groups 1-4 are currently eligible. Group 5 will be eligible starting April 7th.

Check here first:

Then here, where NC gets its definitions of essential workers:

If you're eligible, here are the websites to search for appointments, along with tips.

In general, mornings are best to check, though all sites release appointments throughout the day, so the more often you can check, the more likely you are to find an appointment.

With diligence, you should be able to find an appointment within just a few days using these tools. This is relatively easy to do if you're in front of a computer most of the day. 

This website scrapes information from and displays Walgreens locations on a map with available appointments. Available appointments are displayed for the next 3-5 days only, so keep checking back. The website is sometimes blocked from accessing Walgreens and CVS. They let you know if they're currently being blocked.

In-town Charlotte appointments go fastest, outlying areas usually have better availability.

You'll need to create a Walgreens account to book the appointment.

Sometimes you'll be able to book a first appointment, and not the second, in which case try a different day for your first appointment.

This is Mecklenburg County's appointment scheduler. When anyone cancels an appointment, it immediately goes back into the "bucket", so keep a tab open at all times and constantly refresh. It takes a while but you can usually snag a cancellation after an hour or so of trying. You can now toggle between locations to refresh to check for cancelations.

Novant's vaccination website, where you can book an appointment as a guest without having to register for an online account.

This isn't an overly well-known site, so you may find some appointments here. Sometimes the appointments are not until May, at their East Independence vaccination site, but after you answer the 4 questions, if you use the arrows to scroll to other dates, it will refresh the availability calendar, and often an earlier date will appear. This can be a backup until you find an earlier spot. BE CERTAIN TO CANCEL if you get an appointment someplace else.

This is where you go to create a myatrium account, required to schedule an appointment through Atrium. They are usually very booked, with no appointments available, but it doesn't hurt to check, sometimes cancellations pop up.

Also, on their main appointment page after logging in, they sometimes post news of mass vaccination events before their press release hits, so that's a good way to get one at a convenient time for you.

Harris Teeter occasionally has appointments, but few and far between. Doesn't hurt to check.

Vaccine Spotter South Carolina

South Carolina does not have residency requirements for COVID vaccines (at least as of March 8) AND they have different eligibility requirements, so if you're striking out in NC, try SC:

Vaccine hunting

And if you are in the last group, and don't want to wait, you can always try vaccine hunting/vaccine lurking.

Pharmacies throw out any unused vaccines at the end of the day, and often give vaccines to people who aren't eligible, who happen to be in the right place at the right time, so the vaccines don't go to waste.

To improve your odds, you can check to find out which pharmacies have the vaccine in stock.

Good luck and GET VACCINATED!

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