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We are a Creative Coworking Community,
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These members go above and beyond to make Advent a welcoming
community. They are rock stars!

Lisa Speer
Community Ambassador

Lisa is founder of Speerhead Solutions, a strategic branding business. She helps take the mystery out of branding so clients can attract their ideal clients and shorten their sales cycle. Lisa is also the host of the Branding BFF podcast, which features behind-the-scenes conversations with entrepreneurs and brand creators.

Bridget Sullivan
Community Ambassador

Bridget is the co-founder of Creative Canvas Productions, an animation, videography, and event management company serving mostly corporate, collegiate and professional sports clients. She is the founder and executive producer of Ignite Charlotte, now in its 10th year as a non-profit run event featuring 5-minute talks by community members.

Jeffrey Pitt
Podcast Ambassador

Jeffery is the co-founder of “Whatchumean?!” podcast which is a weekly podcast regarding trending music, art and news topics. He is also a licensed Mortgage Consultant with an extensive background in sales/marketing and enjoys helping individuals find products or services beneficial to success.


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