We strongly believe in building collaborations between our members and the community. We have a growing number of partnerships connecting members to amazing opportunities.

Want to become a partner to the Advent Community?

Community Partner

Advent and the 300 Arts Project (run by Jonell Logan) have partnered to bring curated artwork to Advent every 3 months. Together we host art gallery openings, artist conversations, and sell artwork.

Community Partner

Dupp&Swat and Advent have partnered to infuse the typical meeting room experience with creativity by designing the Charlotte’s Web display in the Creative Suite.

Community Partner

Trips for Kids and Advent have partnered to host monthly cycling and sustainability classes and bike tune-ups for members and guests.

Community Partner

Advent has partnered with GenOne to support their mission to help talented, first-generation students have access to SAT prep courses, strategy sessions, and college advising.

Community Partner

AIGA Charlotte and Advent have partnered to further connect our communities. Advent sponsors AIGA, assists with various events, and works with AIGA to brainstorm new design ideas.

Podcasting Partner

Queen City Podcast Network and Advent have partnered to create the Advent Coworking Podcast. QCPN is behind all event recordings and provides free training to Advent Podcast Members.

Coffee Partner

Enderly and Advent have partnered since Advent's opening. Enderly provides amazing coffee roasted in North Carolina. Their commitment to community building and nurturing sets them apart.

Family and Friends Discount

Offers high end apartment rentals for guests visiting Charlotte, NC.

Any Advent member or guest can get 10 % off discount.

Community Partner

HRC and Advent have partnered to further align to Advent's value: Always Be An Advocate for Diversity.

Community Partner

The Small Business Center at CPCC and Advent have partnered to further bridge our collegiate and coworking communities. Our organizations share and collaborate on events/classes, provide sponsorships to students, and teach classes.

Media Partner

Balto Creative Media and Advent have partnered to create stunning visuals that tell the story of our community.

Fiber Partner

Advent is proud to supply our members with 1Gb (1000Mbps) fiber internet courtesy of Open Broadband.

Sign up for a day pass to test out our speedy connection for yourself!

IT Community Partner

LMK Consulting provides all technical support for Advent and its members. They have been with Advent since opening, and they are always advancing Advent's IT infrastructure to ensure our members have the best connectivity experience possible.

Member Discounts

The Space welcomes teachers of all kinds to share their passion. As a coworking collaborative, we offer a beautiful, tranquil studio where the teacher decides the class type, price, and times. You pay for space only when you’re using it.

The Space members can become Advent members for $99/month

Fitness Partner

The Natural Lab and Advent have partnered to provide all Advent Members with a 20% discount on gym membership and classes.

Cleaning Partner

Germacide Cleaning Solutions and Advent have partnered since Advent's opening. They provide nightly cleaning services and maintain an environment where our members can be productive, grow, and collaborate.

Library Partner

The Charlotte Readers Podcast and Advent have partnered to build the Advent Library stocked with books of all genres. Advent Members are encouraged to share books they've written on the Member Bookshelf.

Community Partner

Advent and Innovate CLT have partnered to support mentorship programs for entrepreneurs. Advent discounts are available for INCLT mentors.

Community Partner

Charlotte SpokesPeople and Advent have partnered to give members access to bicycles through our bike share program, and training on how to bike safer through Charlotte.