F*ck Up Level Up

F*ck Up Level Up is here!

Ever think to yourself, "wow, I want to do what they're doing," or "I bet working for myself would be easier than working for a company... I'd be happier," or "if I had (fill in the blank) I'd go out on my own"?

As with all things in life, entrepreneurship has pros and cons to it. Join us on Wednesday, October 27th as our featured speakers talk about the good, the bad, and the f*cking ugly moments of entrepreneurship. This event is hosted by Ohavia Phillips and recorded by The Queen City Podcast network and Balto Creative Media.

F*ck Up Level Up is a FREE event, RSVP for the link.

Ohavia Phillips
Hailing from Charlotte, NC, by way of Brooklyn, NY, Ohavia ("Oh") Phillips, is one of a kind! Her charisma, infectious personality, & warmth make her a favorite in any circle. Ohavia is a successful media personality and emcee around the city of Charlotte and a thriving talk show host of her OWN show, The Oh Show. Ohavia has been named Influencer of Charlotte, Media Maven of Charlotte and has been highlighted on many multimedia platforms from social media, to television and print! When her hand is not on the microphone, it’s on her books! Ohavia is currently pursuing her doctorate in business administration with a focus in organizational management! She says the degree is for the bigger picture of being able to teach the next generation how to leverage their gift in media. Ohavia says she loves Charlotte and connecting with OHMAZING and impactful individuals to impact communities. Her slogan is: I’m ready to serve. And she does just that!

Sydney Duarte
Additionally known as the Traveling Gypsy, Sydney Duarte is a change agent, adventure enthusiast, muralist, motivational speaker, a disruptor and a creator of all things magic. In her work, she guides others to step out of their comfort zones to embrace new experiences and live a life they love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary. As a certified yoga instructor, and health nut for ALL things that contribute to becoming the happiest, healthiest and most empowered version of ourselves, Sydney believes in taking risks, working hard and turning dreams into reality. Her art and yoga go hand in hand by bringing the community together, and sparking inspiration and healing within everyone she comes in contact with.

Kyle Scott King
Kyle Scott King is a father, educator, mentor, best-selling author, public speaker, and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The SHINE Institute. Additionally, he serves as the Dean of Students at a premier Charlotte Charter School, Queen City STEM School (QCSS) and recently founded the Blueprint Conferences, supporting educators in trading the life they have for the one they never knew they wanted. Beginning with local community mentoring efforts and a unique story, Kyle has used the last 7 years of educational experience to offer students, teachers, and parents’ opportunities for empowerment in the areas of Curriculum Development and Design, Student Success Strategies, Personal and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business and Economic Development. Kyle’s life purpose is centered around progressing students through a comprehensive educational process that promotes excellence and provides them with the skills and resources necessary to become globally competitive leaders of the future.

Gavin Toth
Gavin Toth has a long track record of success in the restaurant industry, and he is quite possibly one of the most positive people we’ve ever met. He manages the day-to-day operations at Divine Barrel. When he’s not taking care of the brewery or inspiring someone to be their best, he is often found telling dad jokes so painful they’re actually funny! He loves the NoDa neighborhood so much he’s an active member of the NoDa Neighborhood Association, including a stint as its President.