F*ck Up Level Up Our quarterly event FUP Night is back with a new name. We present to you, F*ck Up Level Up!

Grounded in our values of innovation and collaboration we have re-envisioned the possibilities of our event. In partnership with Ohavia Phillips, activist and host of The Oh Show, we will be joined by Charlotte activists Kristie Puckett Williams, Nada Merghani, and Frederick Murphy. In addition to sharing their f*ck ups, lessons learned, and how they are crushing it today, these amazing activists will be walking us through some of  the many f*ck ups of our society and what we need to do to level up.

Through our commitment to being an empowering place and an advocate for diversity we are taking action to amplify and support BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), the LGBTQ community, women, and all oppressed people around the world. We hope that you will leave our event energized to take action against the many oppressions afflicting our society. In solidarity together we will create a just world for all.

This is a free event, but we ask that you make a donation directly to our host and panelists for sharing their time and knowledge. Donation links in bios.

Ohavia Phillips
Hailing from Charlotte, NC, by way of Brooklyn, NY, Ohavia ("Oh") Phillips, is one of a kind! Her charisma, infectious personality, & warmth make her a favorite in any circle. Ohavia is a successful media personality and emcee around the city of Charlotte and a thriving talk show host of her OWN show, The Oh Show. Ohavia has been named Influencer of Charlotte, Media Maven of Charlotte and has been highlighted on many multimedia platforms from social media, to television and print! When her hand is not on the microphone, it’s on her books! Ohavia is currently pursuing her doctorate in business administration with a focus in organizational management! She says the degree is for the bigger picture of being able to teach the next generation how to leverage their gift in media. Ohavia says she loves Charlotte and connecting with OHMAZING and impactful individuals to impact communities. Her slogan is: I’m ready to serve. And she does just that!

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Kristie Puckett Williams, MA
Kristie is the Statewide Campaign for Smart Justice Manager for the ACLU of North Carolina and is a working scholar in Mass Incarceration with a focus on the treatment of women including pregnant women in carceral facilities. A native of Charlotte, NC, holds an M.A. in Human Services Counseling: Addiction and Recovery Counseling. Having survived domestic violence, drug addiction and long term incarceration via community corrections, she is now an advocate and activist, fighting for the rights of all marginalized and disenfranchised people.

Kristie was appointed by NC’s Governor and serves as the Chair of the Women in Incarceration Workgroup for the State Reentry Council Collaborative. Kristie also travels across the state of North Carolina with the Attorney General and his staff to conduct roundtable discussions on pretrial detention practices in the state. Kristie is a member of the North Carolina Commission on Racial & Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System (NC CRED) and serves on the Policing subcommittee. Kristie serves on the Domestic Violence Advocacy Council, the Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau, and the Domestic Violence Fatality Review team in Mecklenburg County.

In the recent weeks of unrest in Charlotte, Kristie has been on the front line both documenting and experiencing police brutality. She is an activist and fighter that will always center the needs of her community before the needs of the system working through the framework of abolishing oppression. Her goal is to use her educational and life experiences to convey a message of strength and hope in the community as well as a message of recovery, restoration and redemption.

Donate to and become a member of the ACLU of North Carolina.

Nada Merghani
Nada Merghani is the Programs Associate for Charlotte Pride and Founder of Feed The Movement Charlotte.  In 2015, Nada became the first-ever student in UNC history to simultaneously serve as President of the Muslim Student Organization (UNCW MSA) and of the LGBTQ+ student organization (UNCW Pride). They joined Charlotte Pride in November 2019 after culminating over five years of nonprofit, political, student, and grassroots organizing experience by the age of 22 — including work with Ignite NC, Democracy NC, the Queer Mobilization Fund, 100,000 Poets for Change, and the Artivist Collective. As the country responded to the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Feed The Movement CLT was formed to provide meals to all freedom fighters and everyone who faces the effects of political and social inequality. 

Nada is a first-generation immigrant who was born in Sudan. They seek to bring visibility to the experiences of LGBTQ+ immigrants and Muslims. Their advocacy work has been recorded and published in various mainstream media outlets.

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Frederick Murphy
Since Frederick Murphy was young, he has always enjoyed talking to his elders and hearing stories of family history. In 2016, he founded History Before Us, a project centered on capturing, preserving and advocating influential history. In the beginning of 2017 he started traveling the Southeastern region of the United States interviewing survivors of Jim Crow, the courageous individuals who didn’t make the headlines.

These untold stories prompted him to complete the award-winning documentary The American South as We Know It. Frederick, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor by trade, utilizes tactful questioning, empathy and reflection to obtain relevant information needed to produce a true narrative of African-American/American history. His soon to be released follow up film The other side of the coin: Race, Generations & Reconciliation ( in post production) explores race in American from multi-ethinic and generational perspectives. Frederick also has a Master’s degree in Transformative Leadership and serves on the board of the James K.Polk Historic Site located in Pineville, NC and the Slave Dwelling Project located in Charleston, SC.

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