Advent Member Talks is our weekly event featuring different members on topics of their choosing! We like to say that if you need something done, someone at Advent can probably do it. Our members work across many industries and each have skills and knowledge to share with the greater Charlotte entrepreneurial community. You can view all of our Advent Member Talks on our YouTube Channel Advent Coworking Videos.

Entrepreneurial F*ck Ups and How to Pivot
As with all things in life, entrepreneurship has pros and cons to it. By acknowledging the good, the bad, and the f*cking ugly moments of entrepreneurship we can prepare ourselves for brilliant pivots. Bringing years of personal experience and stories from entrepreneurs across Charlotte, our host of F*ck Up Level Up Ohavia Phillips of The Oh Show, kicked off our month of Advent Member Talks. Watch Ohavia's Talk to learn tips and ticks to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

How To Teach So Your Clients (& Your Business) Flourish
Getting our clients’ results depends on our ability to transfer knowledge, skills, and ideas to our clients in a way they can make it their own and create their own results. This is the art of teaching. And ANYONE can learn it! In this Advent Member Talk, you will learn how to think about the teaching process in a super simple and practical way and learn about the three things you can teach, no matter what your field or content area is. Jennifer Dow is the founder of the the Paideia Fellowship, a company devoted to teaching students and teachers the classical liberal arts.

Tapping Into Your Greatness: The Importance of Remaining Hopeful 
As an entrepreneur, pageant queen and mom to an autistic son, Deannia Divine understands the importance of holding on to hope as we travel this rocky road to reaching our goals. "I believe it's important to find simple things you love to help usher in joy and peace into your everyday lives in spite of the chaos going on around us. My goal during this Advent Member Talk is to reignite the passion in anyone that may feel lost or overwhelmed during this time."

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