Advent Member Talks is our weekly event featuring different members on topics of their choosing! We like to say that if you need something done, someone at Advent can probably do it. Our members work across many industries and each have skills and knowledge to share with the greater Charlotte entrepreneurial community. You can view all of our Advent Member Talks on our YouTube Channel Advent Coworking Videos.

Starting off the month we were joined by Quentin Williams of We The People Stage for a presentation on Building Community Through Play. Many companies that are winning in today’s virtual environment are brands that have learned to build communities that champion their brand identity. In this Advent Member Talk Quentin discussed how to build communities that co-create your brand story by weaving in strong personal narratives that incorporate how the brand/ product enhances the customer’s everyday life. Watch Quentin's talk and learn to create an environment that is capable of identifying, shaping, and celebrating exemplary customer stories to cultivate ambassadors, advocates, and evangelists that ultimately work together to grow your bottom line. 

In celebration of Earth Day Charlotte Cadieux of Trips for Kids Charlotte brought us her Advent Member Talk on reusable menstrual products, Reuse, Period. Most menstruating people can expect over 30 years of menstruation during their lifetime and most of the products out there are single-use and disposable. That’s a lot of money spent on single-use items ... and a lot of waste. The choice to try reusable menstrual products can be intimidating and the up-front cost, daunting. Watch Charlotte's talk for resources and information about different products, how they are used and honest accounts from personal experiences.

Wrapping up the month Steve Schang of Midwood Usability led his Advent Member Talk UX Prototyping: Easier Than You Think. Creating a new product or adding features is easiest when everyone is on the same page - think "shared vision". What better way to align the team than to see the vision come to life with a prototype. No confusion or misunderstandings because everyone read the requirements but imagined something different in their heads. Watch Steve's talk to learn when to use prototyping, who can do it, and how prototypes can be used in the design lifecycle. 

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