Advent Member Talks is our weekly event featuring different members on topics of their choosing! We like to say that if you need something done, someone at Advent can probably do it. Our members work across many industries and each have skills and knowledge to share with the greater Charlotte entrepreneurial community. You can view all of our Advent Member Talks on our YouTube Channel Advent Coworking Videos.

Non-Discrimination: Protecting People
With the sunset of HB-142 last December, many governments in North Carolina are exploring Non-Discrimination Ordinances to put in place protections for people to have equal access to employment, public accommodations, and services. What do these protections mean for marginalized groups? What can you do to help? Cameron Pruette, President of the LGBTQ+ Democrats of Mecklenburg County, discusses ongoing efforts around the county and what these measures could mean for the community.

How to Fuel Your Fire: Intention Setting and Meditation
Nikki Seward with Habitual Roots explores the differences between your subconscious and conscious mind; allowing you to see the root cause of how your habits are being mentally planted.  By gaining this awareness, we are able to create meaningful and sustainable habit formations for you to tap into your true powers.

The Strength of Diversity and Inclusivity
David Roundtree, the Program Director of Bunk 57 Ministries and a therapist, discusses our strength as a united community.

It's Kitten Season: Copping with Copious Community Cats 
Josie Karout with Coaching With Josie  teaches ways to make life easier for the un-owned cats living outside in your neighborhood, decrease the amount of cats that end up in animal shelters, and lessen the ecological impact of these cute little predators. 

Passion Project Lessons Learned in Producing and Hosting 200 Podcast Episodes
Landis Wade with the Charlotte Readers Podcast shares what he has learned starting, running and growing his interview based literary podcast from zero to 200 episodes in two years and six months. He talks about his 5 Ps of podcasting, his 5 Cs of writing, his 5 Ls of interviewing and his 5 As of building a successful passion project. 

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