Advent Coworking is excited to announce a creative partnership with Dupp & Swat, a creative studio focused on art, music and all things related to culture.

The partnership includes creating thought-provoking installations quarterly in the Advent event wing, primarily the former podcast studio now called the Creative Suite. The first Dupp & Swat custom installation, named CHARLOTTE’S WEB, will debut on August 1.
CHARLOTTE’S WEB is a play on the children’s tale, yes, however, it also is a visual representation of the connectivity found in Charlotte. It speaks to how every corner, every neighborhood, every business, every block and every individual is integral, significant and a part of a greater vessel. Essentially, we are all connected and have great impact on this blossoming city.

As such, Charlotte’s Web is a living vessel and will continue to take shape and form over the next few months—reflecting what’s happening outside of these walls.

Please come and see CHARLOTTE’S WEB for yourself.

Curators for this Installation:
Davita Galloway
Dion Galloway
Sydney Stinson
Cedric Matthews

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