TechTalks on Bootstraps to Billions: Building a Great Company from Scratch Chris Elmore was a millionaire at age 28… For six weeks. The first tech company he started fell like a lead balloon. He dusted himself off and with four other guys started a tech company that went from $0.00 in revenue, three product failures to thousands of employees and a $1.4 Billion-dollar value. His out of the box approach of putting people first and concentrating on selling value has helped thousands.

Called a “Startup Hero” by North Carolina Business Magazine and a maverick and mold breaker by SouthPark Magazine, Chris has written 8 books and is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UNC – Charlotte and Queens University of Charlotte. Chris severs on the board of four startups and as a strategic advisor to Kingsmen Software Products. Chris travels the country speaking on the topics of startup success, innovation, entrepreneurship, sales, technology, and automation. Chris started AvidXchange in 2000. AvidXchange, a business unicorn with a $1.4 billion value and is the 9th largest fintech company in the country with 1400+ employee.

"I started with nothing… no software, no funding, no plan… just an idea and four business partners. Our very first pitch the only feedback we got on our idea was on the name, which he said, “I guess all of the good names have been taken.” Starting a tech company on the day the dot-com bubble burst wasn’t the best, but it was all we had. Bootstrapping is the practice of only spending the money you make. One of the great outcomes of bootstrapping a company is if you stick to it and do a few key things it will create a genius idea. That’s why years later my company raised $577 million-dollars in funding and is worth $1.4 billion-dollars. Not bad for a company where all the good names were taken. Want to know how we did it? That’s the point of this session." Chris Elmore

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